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CoinMaximus is created to help and inspire people to use and invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We always welcome new writers to join our pool of crypto analysts to educate readers.

If you have a strong passion and experience in buying and selling cryptocurrencies, using trading bots, being involved with ICOs, licensing and regulations and a desire to help people by writing helpful guides, then you are more than welcome to write for us.

What kind of articles do we publish?

We love articles that are clear and easy to read, common sense good advice. But most of all, the article is well written.

The articles must convey knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry.

Of course, the article that you submit must be original and not copied from other sources.

On submitting the article you are required to provide your name and other personal details.

An article must be at least more than 1,000 words in length.

CoinMaximus has the discretion to accept or reject submitted articles. CoinMaximus is not required to explain or provide reason for articles that are rejected.

An accepted articles will be remunerated at $50USD.

(CoinMaximus will not be held liable for any copyright breaches. All liability of copyright breaches, is passed to you as the submitter of the article).

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