Play to Earn Games [2023]

Want to find the best Play to Earn Games?

Best P2E Games for you to win, play and earn with!

Play to Earn crypto gaming is growing in popularity despite the fact that cryptocurrencies can display signs of extreme volatility. The lack of correlation can be mostly attributed to the fact that most players want to play for fun and own their creations, with the notion of earning real monetary rewards as a side bonus.

More and more P2E games are being developed due to high player demand. But there are also many shared benefits that P2E games bring to publishers, developers and players creating a win-win scenario for all who become involved. This differs greatly to traditional game development, whereby the game developer incurs a lot of the risk whilst the publisher obtains all the upside.

However, from a player perspective, play to earn games gives the control to them. Players can be creatively unique without losing ownership to a publisher/developer. In addition, players can partake in the utlisation of a cryptocurrency which has the potential to be valuable in the future.

In other words, having fun playing games can lead to ownership and monetary rewards! What’s not to like?

If you want to play rewarding P2E games, then check out our recommendations.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

By far the most well known and played of all P2E games is Axie Infinity.

The game draws upon the inspiration of the popular augmented reality game – Pokemon Go. Though slightly different in design and graphics, the concept and strategy of the game is almost the same, whereby players acquire, trade, swap and fight with their creatures called Axies. Progressing through the game, involves buy and selling, upgrading and earning rewards, bonuses and other great prizes.

Along with fighting, training and developing Axies, the cornerstone of the game lies with the in-house tokens Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and the NFT AXS. Of all the P2E games, this has shown the most value on cryptocurrency exchanges, although admittedly pricing is extremely volatile. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of players, it’s about playing the game – the added bonus of earning SLP and AXS is a side notion.

If you are familiar with Pokemon Go, or even just want to start with a simple P2E game that has a solid, tradeable in-house currency, then choose Axie Infinity.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is one of the best developed P2E gaming platforms to sign up and play.

It’s a well thought through ecosystem that combines tokens, gaming, trading and earning seamlessly all into one.

Often there are P2E platforms that have bit off more than they can chew. As a result, the user experience is let down in key areas, whether it be exchanging tokens for real money, or even simply just acquiring accessories.

Battle Infinity, however, is a well defined end to end gaming platform – splitting the components into Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Games, Battle Arena, Battle Staking and the IBAT Premier League.

Each of these components serves the common functions that all P2E need:

Battle Swap – the token exchange platform whereby players can convert IBAT to BNB. The exchange platform is integrated in many aspects of gaming in Battle Infinity, ensuring a seamless gaming experience without the hassles of frequently attending to digital wallets and converting IBAT.

Battle Market – players can purchase or sell NFT created goods that are uniquely coded and identified. The exchange is tracked through the BEP721 smart contracts, a developed protocol. Buyers and sellers at Battle Market can negotiate pricing, just like any online market. There are also shops within Battle Market which sell avatar upgrades for players.

Battle Arena – is the playground/metaverse where players can meet and greet. Here avatars can be upgraded or amended with new outfits, clothing, hair styles, features and other cool accessories. Accessories to upgrade or amend can be bought via Battle Market.

Battle Staking – Staking is whereby users can store the IBAT on the Battle Infinity ecosystem, much like placing a deposit with a bank. In doing so, staking will earn a percentage return to stakers. In addition, if stakers are more active, they will earn more IBAT. The game rewards stakers because it encourages activity leading to increased liquidity of IBAT.

IBAT Premier League – this is the fantasy league of Battle Infinity where all the action takes place. Players can battle each other through the creation of teams to earn IBAT. There are three categories for teams – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

In summary, Battle Infinity is a highly recommended P2E metaverse game. It is well designed to reduce latency, downtime and gas prices. It’s components are all well developed and integrated, to provide a great gaming experience and an ecosystem that is both sustainable and rewarding.

Gods Unchained (GODS)

The Gods have spoken, and it is up to you to restore the balance between mortals and heavenly beings.

This is a wonderful blockchain game that can easily be played by anyone and everyone (not just young teenagers with dexterous fast fingers). In fact, the vast majority of players are attracted to Gods Unchained for its graphics and play concept, rather than to earn money (which is more of a side bonus).

The Gods Unchained is a strategic online card game, similar to Yu Gi Oh. Cards can be purchased, won, or be transformed through merging then combining them with different accessories.

There are various card decks that can be purchased, with new ones being launched regularly to expand the gaming environment. This keeps the gaming exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Card decks launched to date include:

  • Trial of the Gods – Sold Out
  • Divine Order – Sold Out
  • Mortal Judgement – Latest release

The game is all about strategy, with players trying to outsmart each other with creating the best card decks to defend and attack. Winners can receive a wide range of different prizes, including NFTs that can be traded.

The in-house token is $GOD which is based on the ERC-20 protocol and can therefore be exchanged for Ethereum, then to real money.

If you are looking for an excellent card strategy game, then Gods Unchained is the game for you. It is free-to-play, strategic in mind (less so with the hands), a beautifully woven backstory, and of course, the ability to earn tokens which can convert to real money.

The Sandbox (SAND)

If you are searching for something that is similar to Minecraft or Roblox, then The Sandbox is right down your alley.

This P2E game is in a metaverse that enables players to build and develop their own creations and gives them rights (NFTs) to sell them through the Alpha protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The beauty of The Sandbox is that the environment behaves like real world economics – Players can buy and sell land, own buildings and rent them out. The open market is driven by supply and demand forces.

Decentraland is another popular metaverse P2E game, with almost exactly the same structure. The graphics are slightly lower grade with some players also commenting on higher latency, however the concept is identical.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland was the first of quality metaverses.

It is similar to The Sandbox with a slight difference in how the power of ownership and voting is dispersed among the players and community. Decentraland differentitates itself through the DAO protocol. In essence, this protocol divests ownership of virtual assets out of the hands of the software developers and to the users.

In this metaverse, players can create nearly anything they like, be it clothing, buildings to rental agreements. Players can even vote on the strategic direction of Decentraland, replicating a democratic process.

The in-house currency is MANA, which can be exchanged for Ethereum then onwards to fiat currency.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas is the best SciFi metaverse.

The genre of science fiction is currently rare in P2E gaming, hence Star Atlas stands out as a pioneer with this theme. The metaverse is beautifully designed with players able to work together to explore the universe.

Spaceships and other infrastructure can be built, bought and sold to enable space journeys to other worlds. Unlike the other P2E games mentioned, Star Atlas is based on the Solana coin protocol, with it’s in-house currency named ATLAS.

What is really exciting, however, is that Star Atlas developers have been able to form a partnership with The Sandbox to allow for assets to cross gaming platforms. It’s fascinating how this can be achieved, since The Sandbox is Ethereum based while Star Atlas uses Solana. Nevertheless, users can exchange SAND and ATLAS effectively swapping Ethereum with Solana.

Plant Vs Undead (PVU)

Protect the Plants, Repel the Zombies!

You may have heard of the popular pop culture game called Plants vs Zombies, whereby your mission is to protect Bob’s house with plants from attacking zombies. In the Plants Vs Undead P2E game, the goal is to protect the mother tree, the source of life, from zombies.

The mother tree enables plants to flourish and animals to grow. Build farms to protect the plants and animals from zombies and adverse weather conditions.

Plant vs Undead (PVU) is NOT a metaverse game, but is a typical play to earn arcade game.

Each round unleashes an army of zombies that attempts to reach the mother tree. With the strategic positioning of plants, and enhancing or repositioning them, the zombies can be killed and repelled. Earn PVU in-house currency which can be converted to fiat currency with PancakeSwap.

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